Light That Fire

July 1, 2007

When I was a kid, one of the biggest highlights of a camping trip would be the campfire. It was just so exciting, piling all the bits of wood and paper together to start the fire and eventually make it into a burning inferno. Okay, so I’m a bit of a pyro. So what? Anyway, they had a fire pit sitting in the back thatseemed a little untouched. I suggested maybe having a campfire would be a bit of fun. We ended up getting all sorts of camp fire-y material and as the sun set, we piled kindling wood up in a neat little cabin-like structure filled with paper and sticks and lit it on fire. This was Andrew’s chance to be the ‘woodsman’ he claimed he was.

The fire actually turned out reasonably well and Little Guy kept whining to be let outside so we brought him out for his first campfire and made sure he didn’t get too close to it. We roasted marshmallows and he wanted a hand in it too – and kept pushing my marshmallows into the flames. He ended up getting a taste of the roasted marshmallows too (I was a little surprised there was no protest to this). After that, Little Guy sat on a carpet of newspaper and played with the little pebbles and rocks on the ground, happily digging at them with his little hands.

Then we all went in and played Taboo. I don’t know what it is with that game but it has a way of getting people all worked up and anxious. Games are supposed to be fun. I think people just need to learn to relax. But then again, I guess it’s easier for me to say that because our team (Andrew, Little Guy and I) won. *beams*

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