Just Because We Can

July 4, 2007

This week I have a car in Waterloo which was a nice change. I come and go as I pleased, without having to plan ahead and schedule who had to be where at what time. I think having a car is one of the luxuries I very much enjoy. I don't see how people can live without a car. As convenient as people say buses are, I have my reserves (although I can also understand that owning a car might not be a luxury everyone can afford to enjoy). I've always like driving. Maybe it's the sense of control, or maybe the freedom. Anyway, having a car this week afforded me a few rare moments, ordinary, but appreciated nonetheless.

I think in this case, it was privacy. With all the traveling back and forth (on Greyhound and rides from people), Andrew and I don't get a lot of chances to talk. But the ride in gave us a few moments of privacy and we got to talk. Not really about anything important but it was a nice change anyway. Then tonight, we went to McDonald's for dinner because I really wanted a Smartie McFlurry. We tried to make one last night but the Smarties didn't get crushed enough and it ended up being 'Smarties in Vanilla Ice Cream' - rah. Anyway, after that, I suggested we go to Sobey's to get groceries for the rest of the week. Not that we actually needed any, or that we intended on cooking any time during the rest of the week. But we ended up going anyway, walking around for a while, back and forth, through the aisles, talking and stuff. And then we left empty-handed... just because we could.

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