Dress Me Up

July 6, 2007

Having the day all to myself, I set out to get lots of important 'do by myself' things done. Going to the bank, getting my eyebrows done, getting things ready for my sister's birthday party. I wandered around the mall, several times in fact, only to find that Bulk Barn had gone missing. So I asked the woman at the information desk what happened to it. I supposed I was interrupting her oh-so-important conversation with this guy so she tried to brush me off but I was persistent in asking (and taking up her precious flirt time) and she ended up redirecting me to another mall.

Normally, this drive, out of my way, would have been a bit of an annoyance and I probably wouldn't have bothered. But then today was different. I didn't have anyone else with me. No one else's options to take into consideration, no one else's schedules to adhere to. So, I made that extra trip out of my way and lo and behold, I find myself in RW&Co. I start looking around, pinata and candy in hand, which was a little bit of a burden but I manage to browse around anyway.

Then the nice saleslady comes up to me and asks if I would like to put my bags down. I realize she probably did this just to increase the chances of me buying something but it was a refreshing bit of kindness. She relieved me of my burden and at that moment, I decided since I had TWO hands free now, I might as well grab all the dresses I can to try them all on. When I got into the change room, I conveniently remembered that I brought my camera with me today, just in case.

Look at all the pretty dresses I found! (I apologize for the poor picture quality. I wanted to take as little time as possible because the girl who helped me sounded like she was afraid I would steal the headband and bracelets I ended up buying)
Now, if there was just a way I could make all of them mine without breaking the bank...


Jasy said...

don't you love shopping alone? :)

I do.

No need to care about how long you're taking in the change rooms, no need to wait for people in stores you don't like. Not to mention only needing to visit the stores you like! :)

Jasy said...
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Elizabeth said...

oOOH, those dresses ARE nice :) hahaha, actually, i think she was hoping you'd buy all four dresses ;)

alana said...

All of those dresses looked awesome on you. Bitch.

(Just kidding. Maybe.)

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