My Sister's Birthday

July 7, 2007

My sister turned 19 today! Through a random turn of events, her boyfriend and I planned a surprise party for her. We had a nice little bbq at his place with a bunch of her friends. It was a nice mix of people.

The plan was to have her out of the house for the day (at work) so we could run around and get things done. But she didn't go to work. Oh well, that's okay, she'll be out umping a softball game for a couple hours so we can sneak out then! Then she comes and tells me someone's covering for her. GREAT! Now what. We ended up telling her we were invited to another Doctor's event for dinner and a speaker.

We raced over to Chris' house after I had frantically, but secretly packed the car, but I forgot to bring the pinata! THE PINATA! It's okay, I told myself, we can pick it up later. So we got the call that they were coming and we all got ready. Thing is, at the time, we were blowing up balloons. Andrew made it his mission to blow the biggest one. A couple times, he got close but accidentally let it go. See, these balloons were from Dollarama and had the tendency to pop at will.

Right as Jay got closer to the house, Andrew's huge balloon pops which made her look up from the ground. She sees the decorations and well, the surprise wasn't as successful as we had hoped for it to be. BUT I think we made it up later when we brought the Curious George pinata!

Note: I'll post the pictures later when I get home.

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Ling-Chung Cheng said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jaynelle!!

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