No such thing as a great day
June 21, 2007

All day, I was thinking about what a great day it has been. It's soo nice outside, it's sunny but not too hot, there's a nice breeze going. And then I went to work and my supervisor kept praising me about how fast I've been working and how much of a help I've been. I even did a psych study that got me to evaluate how I've been feeling about myself today and I honestly felt like I was sort of bragging but who cares! I felt great!

Finally, I got home and I started reading my textbook - something I've been putting off but I can't any longer cos I have a test due tomorrow. So I was going at that, and I remembered that Andrew got me Mikey's for lunch that I didn't finish. I whipped that out and I saw that all the sauce had leaked all over the plastic bag but *phew* it didn't leak out of that. So even that was good. Then my luck turned. I decided to move the Mikey's to the other side of my desk so it wouldn't be in my way and just as I let go...

that is what happened. It landed on it's side, all over my floor and left me one measley piece of sesame chicken. Sesame chicken that I was craving because I didn't get to fully enjoy it the other day . So I took the picture and kinda laughed it off, oh well, at least I got to eat most of it before it fell. Then with all my enthusiasm, I did this...

I broke the drawer trying to open it, looking for the wire thing that connects my camera to the desk. only to find that it wasn't there. Or anywhere for that matter, I think I left it in Richmond Hill. Well there y'have it. There's no such thing as a great day.

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