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Nazis of DC
June 19, 2007

It really pisses me off to no end, all the stupid rules of DC, real and made up. Last term, I started studying at DC more frequently because I found home to be a little too distracting. It worked out alright except for those stupid Nazis (librarians) that march up and down the aisle with their clipboard and their ugly made-up faces, with their noses pointed up in the air like there's something they have to be proud of.

Last term, I got yelled at for whispering in the silent area. I was barely audible! (I am a good whisperer!) But that librarian got all up in my face about how I was not allowed to talk (I wasn't) in the silent area. Thing is, she made more noise about me making noise, than I was making noise (whoa, confusing). Then, I had the bright idea to bring my pita in to eat while studying - we all get hungry while we study don't we? And the stupid sign sitting at the door clearly says that there's no HOT food allowed in the library. So, my pita being COLD, I brought it in. I sat there, eating it happily until another ugly woman stomps up to me and tells me that I can't have food (as in food in general) in the library. I'm pretty pissed off so I tell her it's not hot. And she used all 2 brain cells in her brain to come up with "well, it smells". "Well, YOU smell, how the heck did you manage to stay in the library for so long? And what about all those people walking in with coffees? Those smell too! MORE than my friggen pita!" I wanted to say it but her ugly face was not worth my words.

Then, today. Today Andrew brought me sushi to eat since I'm working on my paper and I didn't get to eat. He got himself some Mikey's. I managed to finish my California Rolls but decided I didn't want to eat the salmon (I'm starting to think I don't like the squishiness in my mouth). Anyway, I said we should trade and so we did. Just as I was sticking the third piece of yummy sesame chicken into my mouth, this ogre of a woman scared the b'geezers out of me, because as I turned around to her "no hot food in the library" I saw her face and almost pissed my pants. I KNEW that would happen - Andrew could sit there eating his whole meal and the second I decide we should trade, the Nazi appears.

I hate the Nazis. They make me want to stay away from the library. But alas, I have no choice because yesterday I almost went crazy from the heat - apparently it felt like +39 and with no AC, that's bad news. Anyway, I am currently devising a plan to eliminate all the Nazi librarians, one by one. Any ideas?

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princess jasy said...

All her power is retained in her _hair_. That's why its so big.

Snip, snip.

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