summer book 1/5: The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
I was a little unsure when I picked up this book. I actually read this book while on vacation and it definitely was an excellent choice. The author offers a very refreshing perspective on what he calls "personal legends" - our life's purpose. Originally written in Brazilian, I think the cultural difference presented a very foreign, laid back philosophy very much needed in our fast-paced world. It wasn't full of get-rich-quick schemes or how to climb the corporate ladder and how to 'be the best you can be'. It was about finding out what your life's calling is and doing whatever it takes to achieve that - even if it means giving up your job, going on a journey not knowing where you'll end up.

Granted, it hasn't inspired me enough to cause me to drop out of university, pack my bags and take off into the world to see where the wind takes me (though sometimes, I really wish I could). But it's like a little ray of hope for all of us out there who feel pressured by the world to struggle and do well in school just so we can get that well-paying job so we can live a good life. That's not to say that we should just give up and not bother trying so hard because 'hey, what's the point? that's not what the purpose of my life is supposed to be' right? However, it has led me to give up on that empty dream of becoming a physiotherapist. I think deep down inside, I know I don't want that enough to really work hard for it. I think it just sounded really good to say 'oh I want to be a physiotherapist' but I suppose, if I don't have that kind of motivation to actually do it, it'll be too much of a struggle to achieve something that wasn't meant for me in the first place.

Anyway, on a side note to that, I've been reading this Aussie's blog recently and I've become obsessed with wanting her life. Seriously, I was disillusioned enough to believe, for a few days, that my life purpose was to become like her. Exactly like her. Then, I kind of came to and decided maybe what I'm really supposed to learn from her is that I need to be happy with my life as it is right now and enjoy the little moment (I know, cliche). I know I spend too much time thinking ahead, trying to plan my life out so I know where it's headed but I think it's time I loosen my vice-tight grip on the reins and let someone else have a go at it... maybe it's time I had a little bit of faith.


princess jasy said...

I enjoyed the moments of incontrolable, 5 in the morning laughter about what we would rather "do".


alana said...

Omg, I love Karen Cheng! And yes, she makes me feel completely inferior as well. But I also agree with your conclusions about chilling out and enjoying the moment. I think that will always be my life's big challenge.

(PS - I'm only really using my vacation as an excuse not to blog. Totally lost my blogging groove.....we'll see what happens when I return!)

Bernice said...

i know! i wish i could be her. literally. i spent a week thinking of the possibilities of me moving to australia to live a replica of her life. sad huh?

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