House Foes - Part 3

July 27, 2007

Guys are slobs. Actually, let me correct that because I do know of a very few guys who are actually quite clean. These two guys are slobs. Apparently they don't mind living in their own filth.

In the previous terms I was living here, my house mates and I had a cleaning schedule. Every week, each of us would clean a certain part of the apartment and the place would sparkle (even though we didn't actually let it get that dirty in the first place). This term this agreement didn't occur, in part because communicating with Ajax and Tobermory is a chore and I just didn't feel like adding more stress to my life, and in part because these guys never seem to feel the need to initiate any action until I almost nag at them like I'm their mothers (those poor women).

The Common Area
Last term, I'd relax on the couch ever so often to watch TV. This term, I avoid it like the plague. Why? Do you ask? Because the sheets on it has either been messed up to the point where they only cover the cracks of the couch (a lot of good that does) or I remember that another member of the house has previously sat in it and I don't want to risk catching any diseases. On occasion, Ajax's clothing is strewn in various places throughout the common area, along with various other pieces of his belongings (i.e., wine bottles, beer bottle caps, cardboard boxes, etc.)

The Kitchen
It has come to the point where I no longer feel it is safe enough to cook a meal without getting poisoned. At times, the sink is piled so high with dishes it was impossible for me to wash my own without dirtying them by touching the other dishes. When those two cook, the pans are left there, unwashed, for days on end. When food is spilled, it is not cleaned up (I saw a bone on the ground the other day). When they take something out, it is not put away. My shelf in the fridge has been over-run by Ajax's food. Tobermory never takes out the garbage. (How do I know? His packages are always on the top of a very full garbage bag)

The Bathroom
Oh my gosh. Here's my philosophy: You go to the bathroom to clean yourself. In order for you to be clean, the bathroom also has to be clean. Here's the reality: I have to run the water in the shower for at least 5 minutes (sorry environment) before I can take a shower so all the leftover hairs and dust (why is there DUST left in the shower?!) is washed away. When I come out of the shower, I make sure that I don't touch the edge of the tub and my feet touch my flip flops (and ONLY my flip flops) because there is hair and dust all over the floor. Every time I use the toilet, I wipe the seat down as if it was a public bathroom.

I don't understand how guys can stand living under those conditions. I can't - which is why I'm never "home".

Now, to figure out how to make them clean (and keep the place clean) so we don't get fined.

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