House Mates Foes

July 17, 2007

When I moved in at the beginning of the term, I thought I lived with a mute and a party animal. I now know that this is not true. I live with a quiet boy named Tobermory and a socially defective boy named Ajax.

Wait, let's back it up a little. When I first moved in, all these notions filled my head about how crazy my house mates could possibly be and the first night kind of confirmed these notions. But as time passed, things settled down and we grew to be able to live deal with each other with as little contact as possible (to the point where we communicate with notes).

Anyway, for the most part, I didn't let the things they do or the nasty habits they had bother me until today. Tonight, Ajax decided it was socially acceptable to pee... with the door open. After his long, dirty pee, he did not flush the toilet NOR did he wash his filthy hands. Like, what the heck?!



Jasy said...

I'm actually laughing out loud.

That is DISGUSTING!!! omg... *shudder*

This is one of my favourites of your blog entries. I particularily enjoyed the first sentence haha

andrew said...

lol tobermory and ajax.. i'm not sure who i like less. for some reason, i'm leaning towards toby

alana said...


(That's my puking noise, in case you were wondering.)

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