And We're Back

August 27, 2007

My parents and a bunch of their friends take an annual camping trip to whatever new location they want to explore. Last year, Little Guy and Andrew got left behind because LG was too small and we didn't think he'd be very comfortable out in the wilderness. But this year, we decided to tag along. We made the 12 hour drive up to Lake Superior last Wednesday, stopping over in Sudbury because we had a late start.

Little Guy has been very cooperative the past couple weeks, going wherever we had to go and staying pretty quiet when we needed him to. He's been content with getting in the car when we've asked him to and entertaining himself, looking out the window and such (because he can now that he's graduated to front-facing). We hoped that he would stay this way for the trip and he really did.

We made as little stops as possible to get there as fast as possible and Little Guy, though he was a little fussy at times, was happy most of the way. We arrived mid-afternoon and the fun began. We played in the water, fished, canoed and hiked. Our campsite was right off the beach so LG wandered into the sand throughout the day. The picture is the view of the sunset from our campsite. It was a great way to end off a summer.

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