Eating Chili

August 11, 2007

Being stuck, studying at the SLC doesn't leave a hungry student with many options. If desperate, you could always walk all the way to the plaza, wait for the food to be made, then walk all the way back. But that just takes too much time. A quicker option would be to order something and have it delivered. But again, you'd waste time standing around waiting for the delivery guy to arrive. The last, most time efficient option is to go to Tim Horton's at the SLC.

I've always enjoyed soups and stews that were full of stuff (meat, vegetables, more meat). But I've never eaten chili. I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it's because I've always thought they were spicy. The fact that it shares a name with 'chili peppers' which are hot didn't help dispel my misconception. Or maybe it's because they induce a ridiculous mount of gas which my poor stomach would probably not be able to handle. Anyway, I've never had chili.

Until the other day. I was surprised at how good it tasted. It's like a liquid form of tacos! It is highly unlikely, however, that I will order myself a hot bowl of chili any time soon because I have a feeling my poor, weak stomach will not be able to handle it.


alana said...

Oh god, I love chili. My poor, weak stomach can't handle it either, but I eat it anyway. Glutton for punishment? I think so.

Jasy said...

boo on ibs hahaa

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