August 12, 2007

I did it, I am done. I have survived the most brutal 5 days of my life. Never have I been put through such mental and physical stress. To start things off, my exam schedule was brutal. It went a little like this: Wed (12:30pm), Fri (9am, 4pm), Sat (9am, 4pm). When I first found this out, I had a plan. I was going to start studying early. I was going to be productive. Then, things happened. I had papers to write and being at home more made it impossible to study.

So, I started studying for real on Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday. This week has been an intense week of memorizing material, forgetting material to memorize more material and (for my last exam), not bothering to study anymore.

In any case, some good has come out of this week. Not only did I test my super-hero abilities but since I was in such close proximity of a very clean washroom, I was able to go to the bathroom more often (sorry). This is a bit of an accomplishment for me because I have had a tendency to hold my pee in for inhumane amounts of time until my bladder would cry out for help. But not any more because, boys and girls, that is VERY BAD for you!


Jasy said...

ooooh dear... i love the fact that you apologized!

i need to get my blogging butt in gear.

andrew said...

congratulations... BUT i think you led me to believe that you had started earlier than tuesday.. :P

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