It's A Little Bit Funny

August 14, 2007

I find it a little ironic that the moment I decide to use the bathroom more frequently is around the same time I develop a bladder infection. Yes, the first three days of my official summer vacation were spent battling it out with this infection (told you it was bad!).

Saturday night I thought I was going to die. See, watching all those medical shows gives me a little bit of authority in the diagnosis field. So, I was pretty sure that I had gone past the stage of bladder infection, onto the more serious kidney infect and over the course of the night, my kidneys would shut down and I would die. I even called the public health nurse. She told me to go to a walk-in clinic the next day.

Sunday, I didn't actually get to go to the walk in clinic because I forgot to check if it was open and I had to pack up all my junk to go home. The ride home was by far the most uncomfortable car ride I have ever taken in my entire life. I felt nauseous, had a headache and I really had to pee. Anyway, we got to the restaurant (to have dinner with Andrew's cousin because he's leaving for Germany soon) where Andrew's mom confirmed my self-diagnosis (well, the first part of it - bladder infection). I spent the rest of the night drinking lots of water.

Monday - I decided to finally go to the doctor's. He wrote me a prescription for my infection and then told me to get my blood tested. I finally got the medicine thinking I was finally going to start feeling better. Then, an hour later, I couldn't breathe. So, being the newly pro-active person I am, I went back to the pharmacy who (because she's so darn useful) told me to go to the hospital (she told me this last time too, and likely the time before that as well. Ugh). I told my sister to drive ma and she told me to wait til she was done making her ice cream sandwiches (because, around here, we think we're invincible - food has priority). Then, I called my doctor who was equally as helpful. He asked if I had allergies to medication and I said, not that I know of, and he said, then I can't tell you what's wrong. Well, duh! If I knew what it was, I wouldn't have to call you!

However, I am glad to announce that I am feeling much better, aside from the frequent need to run to the bathroom. I also think that the Big Guy up there has quite a sense of humour.


alana said...

Bladder infection? Yikes, that sounds awful. I hear cranberries are awesome for bladder infections, although I really rely on cranberries for any type of infection. Do you have a juicer? If you do, I'd highly recommend going to the grocery store and buying a few bags of frozen craberries, thawing them and drinking a big glass of cranberry juice. Don't buy the pre-made stuff's all sugar. Boo!

(Also, real cranberry juice tastes awful. I usually add strawberries and an apple and that makes it much sweeter.)

Feel better soon!

S2jay said...

Looking back on this event, aren't you glad that I saved you Emergency room waiting time and Emergency car parking money?!

goodness.. thank GOD for those ice cream sandwiches (: weren't they just delightful?

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