Survival Mode

August 7, 2007

Cold. Tired. Hungry.

It's exam time. I'm in survival mode.

I have 5 exams this term. Normally, that's not really that much, it's just a full course load. But! Now, factor in the fact that I haven't studied for any of them AND that all 5 exams will be written in the next 4 days. Okay, do the math, that's 5 exams times 0 studying divided by 4 days equals *mumble*mumble* DISASTER!


S2jay said...

mayhaps it wouldn't be such a disaster if you didn't spend your time blogging.. and sulking in your self-pity/misery..

haha (:

just kidding..
i was actually going to bake you a cake today.. but i ended up falling asleep.

next time (:

ps: lets buy a magic bullet.

Anonymous said...

we can dooo it.

Jasy said...

cold? :(

want me to bring you a blanket? do you need some motivational songs? (not that those really help that much *sigh*)

but maybe i shall bring you some food.

dung worlee! *love*

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