Something Borrowed, Something Blue

August 4, 2007

In a last minute turn of events, I became Jasmine's wedding date. It was a little weird considering I didn't actually know the couple but oddly enough, by the end of the night, I felt like they were my own friends.

As the night went on, we mingled with strangers and heard speeches from various friends of the couple. Everyone's lives sounded so interesting, so full of.. well, life. It must be nice to be at a point in your life when you can look back and see what a great group of friends you have, the friendships that have lasted 25 years, the excitement of taking a chance and landing an exciting job in NYC.

In a way, it made me remember that at some point in my life, I had wanted those things. Over the years, I had somehow forgotten about these dreams I had. For the rest of the night, I borrowed these memories and lived in them. Whatever happened to the days of life-long friendships that I heard about? I felt like it was a thing of the past and I was just born in the wrong decade. It all sounded like the storyline of a chick flick.

After grabbing some dessert and a missed chance at dancing up a storm, Jas and I headed out to Go For Tea and ended up reminiscing about old friends and the wedding and pretty much obsessing over everyone else's lives but ours. Anyway, as depressing as this might sound, I'm going to attribute this to not being satisfied with my life (not in the "I hate my life" kind of way, but more like the "There's always room for improvement" way).


Andrew said...

i'm glad you got a chance to go :)

Jasy said...

Thanks for being my date!!
I apologize for unintentionally causing others to think we were in a lesbian relationship lol

I love obsessing over people with you. lol "I like your earrings!" "... i like your necklace!"

Yeah. there's a lot of things around here that could use improvement. But in the end, we still have a good time I think :)

P.S. My eye is healing. YAY!

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