May I Take Your Order?

August 3, 2007

When I was young, my family and I would go to Harvey's after church on occasion - back when there used to be a Harvey's by my church. The cashier was an Asian lady and each time without fail, she would dutifully call in our order to the kitchen "ore-gino boogah". Obviously, now, it would be rude to laugh at the lady's accent but when we were just 4- and 6-years old, hearing the word 'booger' yelled into the microphone was quite amusing. We giggled about it for years, but Harvey's became Pizza Pizza and buegers were no more.

Then, today Andrew and I were on the way home and decided to try out a little fish and chips place close to my house for dinner. We decided on the halibut (yum) but as we were waiting, I looked up at the menu and to my surprise (and maybe a little bit of kiddish delight) I saw this:

The buegers are back!


Andrew said...

that was so funny.. i can't believe they didn't notice it on their sign

Jasy said...

That's so funny!!!
Honestly, even knowing it's really a burger i couldn't order that after reading that sign. It would make me think too much about the possibility of someone sneezing into my burger before giving it to me. :P grosss

S2jay said...

Can i have an hamboogar please?
Oh goodness.. that lady was hilarious.. and i dont think we should be blamed for making fun of her.. honestly, we were young and naive... i blame the father..

haha.. this blog has reminded me of the cool penny whistle thing dad does with straws...
remember that?.
AHHA. he'd do it so loudly (: SO GREAT!

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