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August 18, 2007

We went to a wedding this weekend, of a couple who go to our church. And my sister, being best friends with the bride's youngest sister, somehow she got really involved and ended up becoming a 'candid photographer'. With this title, she got the right and privilege to use the bride's Nikon D80.

I. Want. That. Camera. She let me play around with it for a while. I think the only thing that sorta bothered me was the flash. It was a bit much sometimes and either washed out parts of the picture or created awkward shadows. Other than that, I miss taking pictures.

The weather was really nice, perfect for a summer wedding.


Jasy said...

You guys look so spiffy!! :D

and i want that camera too *sigh*

joy_ful said...

hey bee!!

it was good to see you DT the other day =) and then i noticed your blog on your name, so here i am.

i've been hearing a lot about the Nikon D80- reviews say it's a good buy compared to others in it's class. just need... an extra $1000 for it though! haha..

ah. My next purchase would be a dslr.. but first i have to save money. =)

I haven't seen much of your photos though, but I know you're a photographer!

alana said...

Aww, you guys look so cute. That's a nice dress!

(Just to reiterate the comments of everyone else...I want that camera as well. And I don't even take pictures often!)

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