Half-Week Without A Phone

October 30, 2007

A pathetic reason to post, I know, but I don't want to study. So I realized I left my phone somewhere (hopefully at home) when I got back to school on Sunday. It isn't really that big of a problem seeing as how I rarely get calls, and only the occasional text message (waaaaah I have no friends).

Except (Problem #1), my trusty phone doubles as my alarm clock and faithfully sits on my night table to wake me up each and every morning. Without my phone, I was without an alarm clock. Solution: take Andrew's phone.

Okay, so that sort of works out because he has another alarm and I've got Andrew's phone to wake me up. But now, Problem #2: how do I contact Andrew when he's not at home? Well, he doesn't know it yet but I've got a super long chain attached to his ankle. The other end of the chain is wound around a big machine (which I conveniently keep in my closet for these sorts of situations). At the press of a button, I can reel him in from wherever he is (although, I can see how this can be dangerous, with all those walls, poles and moving cars in the way...).

I blame the lameness of this post on having to stay up late, trying to look for my 3-hole punch because it has mysteriously disappeared once again. RAAAWWR!


Jasy said...


NOT lame!!! Love it!!

p.s. Great. You are phoneless. :| and for the record, I call you!

p.p.s. hunt down that 3 hole punch bandit! lol

Jacqueline said...

sorry bee:P there's no mystery - i'm the bandit.

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