The One

October 27, 2007

After searching long and hard, after many failed attempts, and after almost throwing in the towel, I've finally found the one! I present to you: the Soft Cutout Christmas Cookies. Long story short, last Christmas, I was given a plate of cookies by the classroom I volunteered in. Among those cookies were two soft, thick white cookies that were nicely iced and topped with sprinkles. To me, those cookies were the essence of a storybook Christmas. Sure, I could have just asked the teacher what those cookies were called but of course, I like it when things are difficult so I set out to find the recipe myself. I vowed to myself that if and when I found that recipe, I would make it a part of my future Christmas tradition.

Just as the name suggests, these cookies are very soft, and can be cut into any shape you desire, especially Christmas shapes. I found the recipe on Baking Bites, one of my favourite places to find recipes now because among other interesting cooking/baking tidbits, it provides a blog-style review of the recipes the writer tries out. And now, I have a perfectly valid reason to start a cookie cutter collection!


Jasy said...


I hope you brought some back with you... foooooorr moi :D

Clara Tsui said...

mm hook me up!!
i think the next step in your cooking adventures is for you to make a v-log like crash test kitchenclara

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