What Not To Wear - Bee Edition

October 11, 2007

After my very successful old-clothes purging session over the summer, I miscalculated the amount of clothing I might need to survive the harsh and rapidly-changing weather pattern of Waterloo. Instead of being sensible and going out to buy brand new clothes, I thought, 'hey, maybe I'll save myself a whole lot of money if I just live a little simpler and not buy any new clothes. I'll survive...' What the heck was I thinking?!

I spent Wednesday afternoon huddled under an umbrella in the middle of the soccer field at school because I thought I had enough clothes on, but definitely didn't, to block out the wind and rain. Idiot.

And then in class today, of all days, the lecturer tells us to 'take off your shoes and socks' (for better palpation of foot structures) and what was I wearing?!...



alana said...

Hahaha. Well....did they match at least? And were they womens? Because if so, then you're doing much better than I am in the sock department.

I do think it's probably time to treat yourself to some new warm clothes though. Nothing's worse than being cold!

Jasy said...


that was so gross when everyone took off their shoes and socks. *shudder* i hate feet.

and i love it that you took a picture of your funky socks in class! lol

S2jay said...

HAHA, you're turning into me. (:
oh my gosh. i need fall/winter clothes also.

Kat said...

nice socks...and i don't think we could ever survive NOT shopping :P maybe just for a little bit!
get some warm clothesss..its getting COLD

andrew said...

i thought you like those socks :)

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