Black Friday

November 23, 2007

Originally, I was pretty bummed about not being able to go to the states with my sister and parents for American Thanksgiving - possibly the most incredible days of shopping ever. But I'm sort of glad I didn't go. This was all before I found out about Black Friday.

Before this year, I never knew what Black Friday was. But now I do (and boy am I glad I do). It is the day of insane extreme shopping where everything is marked down to affordable prices. It is the day I finally come out of my shopping-fast and buy bags upon bags of clothing. Black Friday... is a good day.


andrew said...

i got some clothes too :) i don't relaly understand what black friday is though

ilyana said...

Andrew, its the day that the stores get out of the red and into the black(meaning they make a profit). Which is kind of funny, we all go crazy shopping and going broke to put them in the black!

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