Winter Gear

November 22, 2007

Every winter, I make a mental list of the things I should get to prepare myself for the snow and the cold. And every year, 'snow boots' is on the list. Last year, I put off buying boots because there wasn't that much snow and I could manage with my shoes. The most I ever needed them for was when we went snowboarding, but even then I could manage just wearing the boots and my shoes (even though it looks sort of weird with my snow pants on).

This year, the snow has come early (and I'm so happy). It's not even December yet and there's snow covering the ground (and it's not melting)! This year, on my list, not only do I have to get myself snow boots, but I need to get Nathan some snow boots too because I'm sure it'll be impossible to keep him out of it. He loves to discover new things.

Then my boss came into work this morning and was complaining about how much ice she had to scrape off her car. I told her I was just happy that I didn't slip and fall on my face. So she told me about these YakTrax. Apparently, you just attach them to your shoes and they'll prevent you from slipping! Maybe I'll add those to my list because Waterloo is just too full of unpredictable weather.

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