Satin Hands

November 21, 2007

I love work! I never thought I'd say that right now, seeing as how I have two jobs and they both involve me being a lab monkey to grad students. But, today while I was waiting for my next participant to come in, a girl from across the hall came in and asked me if I could help her with her homework. Guess what her homework was.

Kelly's apparently a Mary Kay consultant and her homework was to show 20 women a new hand product. It's called Satin Hands Pampering Set. So basically all I had to do was wash my hands, rub the paraffin wax cream into my hands, then an exfoliating hand scrub, then finish it off with a hand cream. I'm really excited about my hands right now because they feel so smooth (and so unlike my normal Waterloo-dried hands) and not to mention they smell nice too.

If anyone's up for it, she offered to do some skin care or glamour parties for me and a couple friends. Let me know and maybe we can set something up. There's nothing like a good pampering during exam time. Think about it girls, then let me know!

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ilyana said...

They use Satin hands at my nail salon and i LOVE it!!!

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