Free Rice

November 20, 2007

When I went into work today, my boss showed me this super-addictive site called Free Rice. Someone out there has developed a game that lets you learn vocabulary (or test your vocabulary skills. I know, really nerdy right?) while donating food to help end world hunger. For each word you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated through the UN World Food Program.

Nicole, my boss, says it's an excellent aid for anyone who needs to study for the GRE. She also mentioned that it's probably impossible for anyone to get to level 50. Apparently she played all weekend and the highest she's gotten is level 45 (but keep in mind she studied long and hard for the GREs). I challenge all you out there to see how high you can get and let me know! And even if you suck at it, at least you're donating food to hungry people!


Larissa said...

I've seen the Free Rice link everywhere, but never looked into what it actually was. It certainly makes wasting time on the internet a little bit redeemed!

andrew said...

wow thats so hard. i thought i knew some words but apparently i have a very limited vocabulary :(

S2jay said...

aww.. i can't get past level 32.
how depressing. and that was me guessing 1/2 my answers.

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