Girl Without Her Bling

November 19, 2007

Yesterday in the car on the way back to Waterloo, I was putting on my mittens to carry out a top-secret mission (aka. sneaking into Catherine's backyard to drop off a package without her brother noticing me and shooting me to the ground). I slipped my mitten onto my left hand with ease... and then quickly realized it was because I didn't have my ring on.

I thought quickly and remembered that I had taken it off to moisturize my hands. Andrew offered to drive me back home but it was out of the way and we had to get back in time for his basketball game. So I told him I'd last a week without the ring on.

The further we drove, the more I thought about my ring-less hand. Over the past few months, my finger has been trying to adapt to wearing a ring. I normally don't wear rings and watches because it irritates my skin. Even the smallest amount of moisture between my skin and the jewelry will cause rashes. There's even a permanent dent in my finger where the ring has apparently squished out all the underlying fat. And where my ring once sat is just a little lighter from all those hours I spent out in the sun during soccer season.

I guess the ring has really grown on me and it's a lot harder living without it than I thought. Oh well, one day down.. six more to go.

1 comment:

andrew said...

well i'm glad that you miss it :P

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