November 3, 2007

Most people who know me know that I like to have a bit (okay, more than a bit) of control over things, especially things that involve me. Some people have hinted that maybe, over the next 9 months, I'll be one of those people who sprout horns and become a Bridezilla. I think, for the most part so far, I've been pretty calm and collected.

Sure, I have moments where I freak out because I feel like we have so little time and things just aren't working out. Mostly, I think it's because we were having a lot of trouble finding a reception venue. But today, we finally booked one so I'm a lot more relaxed now. In my mind, after booking the reception venue, everything else should be pretty easy (I hope).

Otherwise, I'll always have this story to remind me to keep my cool.


andrew said...

i'm more worried about you being a wifezilla.

Jasy said...

yay!!! :D
rahhhh for the venue!!
you already told me this before I read it lol but I'm just publically declaring to the blog world my excitement.

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