Christmas Shoebox

November 4, 2007

I decided that this year, I was finally going to participate in Operation Christmas Child. While cleaning my room up over the summer, I found so many things that I had mindlessly purchased and remained untouched lying around. The original plan was to get Nathan involved in the process to teach him about sharing (which he's already pretty good at). But due to the time constraints of this weekend, I ended up scrambling around the house, finding things to fill the space. We made the deadline this year, but hopefully next year it'll be a little more meaningful.

Nathan tried to send his helping hand


April said...

Hi , I am visiting from the randomizer on NaBloPoMo. I was just reading and thought I would say hi. We started doing the boxes last year and I loved it so much we took two this year. We were a little sad at how little we could put in our box last year so we put money in also. Just an idea for next year maybe. Good luck on your month of posting!

Jasy said...

I didn't have time to do one this year (well, ok I just forgot) but I wanted to! :(

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