Driving Shoes

November 16, 2007
I recently bought a pair of shoes. I rarely ever buy shoes that have too much design on them. I like my shoes simple and functional. Anyway, I saw these and I thought I might change things up a bit and go a little crazy. At $19.99, how could I go wrong?

I soon found out exactly how I could go wrong. The first day of wearing the shoes, my feet ached. So here's the deal. I have flat feet and I usually wear my orthotics but it was too much of a hassle to put them into these shoes. These shoes also have very thin soles so they don't provide much cushion when I walk. Anyway, so after that day, I decided these were going to be my driving shoes - shoes I'd wear only when I drove.

But these shoes kind of grew on me and I wanted to wear them everywhere. I wore them on long shopping trips and I wore them to work (and that means I wear them for a fair bit of walking). Now, after a week or two of walking around in these shoes, my legs are dead. I waddle around the house like I have no ankles.

Going against everything I've learned in my Injuries in Sport and Workplace class, I gave those shoes another chance at being functional walking shoes and they failed me big time. If my lecturers knew, they'd totally say "I told you so". Darn them.


andrew said...

maybe you can put your orthotics inside

andrew said...

you don't drive that much anymore anyways :)

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