Not Done Yet

November 15, 2007

Since today marks the half way mark of NaBloPoMo, I thought I might post about something that is sort of relevant. I have a problem finishing things. I don't think I've always had this problem but it's getting worse as time passes.

I used to have no problem writing up a paper myself. Now, it's gotten to the point where I can write a perfectly fine introduction, a bit of the middle and then I have to get Andrew to edit the paper for me, which usually means he ends up writing most of my conclusion. I just can't finish.

I also have a bad habit of not finishing my food. I'll eat until a certain point and then I'll leave it sitting on my desk. Even if there's only a mouthful left.

At one point I even contemplated half-brushing my teeth (a loooong time ago). Luckily, something clicked in my head to tell me that it was ridiculous because I was already doing 'half' of it so I might as well finish.

I'm actually pretty worried about this. I need to be a finisher. Especially with only exactly 2 months left for me to pull together my grad school applications. I need to finish.


Andrew said...

not finishing your food is okay when you're with me :)

S2jay said...

Does anyone want to finish my papers for me?

and no. it is not okay to leave you half eaten food lying around. you're disgusting.

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