Will Starve For Money

November 14, 2007

When I left home today, I thought that if I could stay at work the whole day and not have to walk back and forth, it would be great. I could get some research done and get paid at the same time. However, I forgot to factor in the fact that I did not bring any food with me. So, basically, after working for 8 hours or so, I'm waiting hungrily for my food to finish cooking.

But that's not exciting. So I'll try to liven up this post for all you who are supporting me through the madness that is NaBloPoMo. As I promised, the pictures of Jo and Jas. I present to you: Winners Costumes

Jas and Jo - I apologize, but it had to be done.


Jasy said...



p.s. what is nablopomo

Jasy said...

nevermind, i now remember what nablopomo is haha

Andrew said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i love it. ..but how did the picture of jasmine's new winter hat get mixed in with the halloween ones?

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