A Good Can Opener

November 28, 2007

After a long struggle with a crappy can opener, trying to open a can of pasta sauce, I have learned a few things.

1. It is possible for blood vessels to burst from pushing too hard on the metal turn-y thing. (And, I don't know what that part of the can opener is called.)

2. There is such a thing as a crappy can opener - they are not all made equal. I will keep this in mind as I register for household items. I need one with soft handles, a knob (turn-y thing) that turns smoothly and has a magnet to pull the metal piece out to save me from rupturing more blood vessels. I'd probably choose one that is small enough to bring camping, and therefore, not electric.

3. The can opener is a very important and useful kitchen tool that is often overlooked. At the beginning of the term, I proudly showed my dad the cupboard full of canned food I had. I told him that I had enough food to feed a small nation. I told him that I would be prepared if a war should start and I was forced to stay in my house. I told him that I wouldn't starve. And then, he asked me if I brought a can opener. I hadn't. But luckily (well, semi-luckily) someone left that crappy can opener in our kitchen.


Jasy said...


well, except the part about the ruptured blood vessels. Gross.

Anonymous said...

Bernice is easy :P

andrew said...

i'm looking at you right now and you're sitting with tissue paper stuck in your ears and your winter hat on to hold them in. what a weirdo

Clara Tsui said...

Register for an electric can opener. No bursty blood vessels then!

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