Luggage: Carry-Ons

November 29, 2007

I've been thinking a lot about my upcoming trip, as I usually do a month before the trip. More specifically, I've been thinking about my carry-on. In general, I like to be thorough when I pack. Usually, I make lists and check my suitcases a few times before I zip them up. But each time as I'm packing my carry-on, I feel like I'm missing something, like I'm not prepared enough.

With all the restrictions the airlines are now putting on what you can bring on board and the fact that pillows and blankets, and other such things, are no longer complimentary, I feel a little stuck. I want to be comfortable if I'm going to be stuck on a plane for 17 hours. On top of that, I need to bring stuff for Nathan - food, toys and clothes. We've flown with Nathan a couple times before. The first time, he basically slept the whole 17 hours, waking up once or twice just to eat. The second time we had to spend more energy entertaining him but it was a fairly short flight to Florida.

Now, as I'm getting ready to make my packing lists again, I'm getting a little anxious. I need some ideas - what are some things you always bring with you on a plane? What kind of bag do you use (I'm thinking of getting a new carry-on)? Make your lists extensive people, I need details!


pink said...

#1. DS

Andrew said...


Jasy said...

#2. Snacks in case the plane food sucks? (I hate plane food.)

S2jay said...

#3: Jaynelle

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