Nathan at 19 months

November 9, 2007

As we were driving home today, I was looking at Nathan and I couldn't help but be amazed.

Nathan is very observant and learn things at an alarming rate. In the car, he'll sit and watch the things go by, pointing out the buses, cars, stars and the moon. He'll label any object he can. A lot of times, he'll hear a new word and he'll repeat it right away and remember it. Among his favourite words right now are: apple tree, school bus and Cookie (as in Cookie Monster). He can speak some Chinese as well.

He'll point at things he wants and say "NO" if you're wrong, until you get it right.

He has excellent hand-eye co-ordination and he's strong. He loves sharing and taking turns. When Nathan wants you to join in on what he's doing, he'll pull at your hand until you do what he's doing.

Nathan is such a happy child. He's always either smiling, laughing, or hiding under a blanket, ready to pop out and scare you, just so he can laugh again.


Jasy said...

He's a gem. :)

It's people like him that make the crap worth going through, you know?

gigglypuss said...

i love this post!
he is so cute! can i marry him? haha

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