Super Markets

November 10, 2007

A new Sobey's has opened at the end of our street. Last night, we were starving and there was nothing around the house to eat, so my sister and I headed out to check the place out. We arrived and there was no one there. It being 12:30am, that was sort of understandable. It felt like we were in a small town - a feeling we've enjoyed over the years as we traveled with our parents.

We walked in and my sister was in love. We barely made it in the door and there was already bags of apples in our cart. As we circled the entire store, and then walked slowly up and down each aisle, our cart quickly filled up.

As we were the only customers at that hour, checking out was quick - well, sort of. The check out lady saw that we picked up a piece of black forest ham. She asked us how we cook it. And since it's already been cooked, we said we didn't, but you can if you want. She was a little confused and repeatedly asked us how to cook it. We didn't know! But she refused to scan the item until we had satisfied her with a sufficient answer.

We raced home and arrived in just 3 minutes. How convenient! The one small problem we found was with a 'sale' they had. Otherwise, it was super!

1 comment:

S2jay said...

Oh MY!
a sale for ONE cent MORE than i normally pay?!


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