Coloured Wedding Dresses

November 11, 2007

I've been starting to look at wedding dresses a little more lately. I'm not exactly the girly type of girl. I'm not going to search high and low for a wedding dress. I'm not going to drop a few thousand dollars for a dress I'm only going to wear for one day. But, I do want it to be perfect - in my terms.

Lately as I've been scrolling through pictures of wedding dresses, I've noticed that many ladies have taken the untraditional route and wore dresses that had a bit of colour (other than white and ivory). So, just to see if that idea would work for me, I decided to try on a dress. I didn't want to do it at first, it was a small size and I didn't think it would fit. I think it has a bit too much sparkle, and maybe too many embellishments... but let me know what you guys think (Andrew, don't look):

Can you see how ecstatic I am to be wearing that dress? I think it looks fantastic... for a $20 princess costume for an 8-year-old. I'm actually really surprised I could squeeze my body into that thing. And I'm pretty sure the people at Winners have me (and Jo and Jas) blacklisted. (Wait til you see what they tried on!)

But anyway, maybe it's really time now for me to start looking for a real wedding dress. Time's-a-ticking and I only have 8 months left. Yikes! I need some help.


alana said...

Yay! Sorry, but wedding talk makes me excited :)

Good luck with dress shopping. Just make sure you stay away from pink princess costumes in future!

Jasy said...

that was so hilarious!
i still think you should do your wedding in a princess dress lol maybe andrew could wear the helmet!

... medieval feast!!

Clara Tsui said...

hahaha i DOUBLE dare you
you want to have a wedding nobody will forget right?

Andrew said...

haha we don't want it to be unforgettable that way

Andrew said...

lol i wouldn't mind wearing the helmet though :)

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