Geri Abs

November 12, 2007

My sister volunteered to drive me back to Waterloo this weekend just for the chance to go shopping in Cambridge. The outlets in Cambridge have some ridiculously low prices on decent items (and I know this because Kat and I went almost every week for 10 months straight). The only downside is that most of the pants left (at Suzy Shier) are size 0 or 00.

By the time we got to Suzy Shier, the change rooms were closed so she either had to buy pants without trying them on, or find some way to try them on without the privacy of a change room. So, my sister being the toothpick she is, decides to slip the size 00 pants on over the pants she's wearing just to make sure they'll fit alright. She's just that tiny *mumble*mumble*.

Anyway, so after being completely demoralized and walking out of the story empty handed, I've decided that maybe it's time for me to try just a little bit harder at losing this extra bulk. I mean, for the longest time, my excuse was having Nathan. It was a pretty lame excuse seeing as how there are many moms out there with great bodies - for example, Geri Halliwell (have you seen the new Spice Girls video?)

Plus, after walking up 10 flights of stairs this morning, I was completely out of breathe. So from now until my Christmas break, it is my goal to fix this little fat/unfit problem.


alana said...

Well, Geri is obviously superhuman. No one's stomach should be that ripped after having a baby. Actually, I'm not sure if anyone's stomach should be that ripped period. Just sayin'.

(And 00? Seriously?!)

Clara Tsui said...

1. i can't even wear 00 pants over my pants! :o
2. celebrities can afford plastic surgery, don't compare yourself to them.
3. that is a pretty terrible music video
4. 10 flights of stairs is a lot, i get winded going up the stairs in optom :)

Andrew said...

i'm looking forward to those geri abs ;)

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