Salted Jeans

November 26, 2007

Every winter I have the same dilemma. While I welcome the snow with open arms (as long as it means there won't be any other form of precipitation), it means that I have to face salt stains once again. I realize that the salt is necessary to keep the roads and sidewalks from freezing over and thus, safe (unless of course, everyone just goes and gets YakTrax, then we wouldn't need to salt the sidewalks!) but I hate the slush it creates and I hate how it makes my shoes and the legs of my pants wet.

When my pants (and shoes) dry, I always end up with unsightly salt lines. For some reason, it seems that these lines don't really go away even after washing (at least from what I remember - it's been a while). It's been bothering me all these years. It seems like everyone else has figured out how to either avoid getting salt stains or how to get rid of them afterwards. (I realize that getting a pair of Uggs, or any pair of boots in which to stuff my pants to avoid getting them wet might be a wise option, it doesn't work for me. High boots and my calves have an ongoing argument. It's just not pretty.)

All you people out there have perfect, unsalted jeans. Well, I've had enough. I want in on the secret! So... what's the secret?

(I've also considered dunking my shoes in hot water to make the salt come out - see how desperate I've gotten?)

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Larissa said...

That is so funny! I spent a winter in Boston, and wondered the same thing...why does everyone else's jeans look flawless???

Thankfully I live in LA, where that question is moot.

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