November 25, 2007

This weekend, Nathan finally got his first pair of snow boots (thanks to his grandparents who drove 10 hours to do some shopping - American Thanksgiving style). On the weekends, we try to take Nathan out at least once so he can play. This weekend, we wanted to take advantage of this first snow fall. Originally we were going to go to the park but I looked out into the backyard and saw the nice clean snow there and thought staying home might be a better idea (no yellow snow here).

We dug out his snow suit that was too big last year and after a lot of struggling, got him suited up. For some reason, he was really against putting on the snow suit and snow boots. He fought long and hard, kicking and screaming. But after he saw daddy playing outside in the snow, he couldn't get his boot on fast enough.

Even though he just stood there, I could tell that Nathan loved being in the snow. It was packing snow which was just perfect for snowmen! Nathan pointed and yelled directions while Andrew rolled huge snow balls to make the snowman. I wanted the first one to be as big as Nathan so Andrew had to sculpt the snowballs a little. At this point, I was accused of being a snowman perfectionist - whatever that is.

I also made a baby snowman but from what I hear, while I was inside, a much bigger snowman came crashing down over the baby snowman, crushing it to death. Poor baby snowman. Andrew also made a snow cat for Nathan who apparently requested a me-ow.


Jasy said...

Awwww! Why do baby snowmen always come to such unfortunate ends?

alana said...

This post has left me wanting a little Nathan of my own. a totally bad idea. So thanks, Bernice. Thanks.

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