December 7, 2007

Way back in October, I went to Sherway Gardens in search of some warmer clothing. Unfortunately, I was faced with two problems. The stores were jam-packed, in which case I was unwilling to stand in line just to pay for an over-priced article of clothing, and I couldn't really find anything that I really liked.

Seeing how it's getting colder and colder, I am really in need of some warm clothes. Unlike many of the other students on campus, I refused to buy a University-branded sweatshirt in first year and have maintained that stance for the other two years. However, as I headed over to South Campus Hall today to get some Timmy's I finally caved and purchased a UW sweatshirt. There, school, take more of my money.

I'll post a picture later.


Larissa said...

Haha...I remember bow painful it was to spend like $60 on a university sweatshirt!

Lisa said...

jam packed already? BOOOO Sherway!

Anonymous said...

omg... today i walked passed the queens campus bookstore and noticed people walking around with queens bags of merchandise. so i decided to stroll in and saw all these big boxes and lotta people hunting for their sizes in sweats, tees, hoodies..and i checked the price tag of a tee and it was $14..and i thought to myself..i hate this place..why would i want to spend MORE MONEY on i left...wondering why people would want to wear QUEENs branded clothing..... boggles my mind..

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