Gift Ideas

December 8, 2007

Everywhere I look in the blogosphere now, people are talking about Christmas gifts and gift ideas. Christmas gifts weren't really a part of my family's Christmas traditions. In fact, we didn't really have many Christmas traditions aside from a big family dinner and putting up a Christmas tree (but that got stopped because our artificial tree got all mangled in the box so we threw it out).

I tried it out for a little while in high school - giving out gifts, but that didn't really last. I don't really understand why people give gifts at Christmas, not that I'm against giving and receiving gifts. I like getting gifts, right Andrew? But anyway, now, I am one of the few (frowned-upon, I'm sure) people who just don't give out Christmas gifts.

However, since I've been seeing so many interesting things, I thought it might be fun to throw together a little gift idea list of my own. Enjoy!

Hug S&P Shakers! for those who love a little spice
Dozi Paperclip Holder! for the paper-pushers
Fingerprint Wedding Band! for the forensic fanatics
The Ex Knife Block! for those who are bitter
Chef's Quad Timer! for the busy cook
Forget Me Knot Ring! for the forgetful ones
Monster Laptop Sleeves! for those with a (Mac) laptop
Nature Mill Plus! for indoor composting
Chair Game! for those who want a bit of balance
Nusskubus Nutcracker! for those who want to slam nuts between wooden blocks

can you tell I love the MoMA store?


Jasy said...

I LOVE the salt and pepper shakers!


Clara Tsui said...

hahahaha!! for those who are bitter eh
maan that's an expenive laptop case

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