Trash That Cookie

December 11, 2007

A couple nights ago, Jasy called me to tell me she had made cookies! She did, however, also warned me that they weren't fully cooked. This made me think back to all the other cookies my friends had made and shared with me in the past. I'm not trying to be a snot or anything, but many of them were pretty bad. Each of them came with their own story, which still make me smile now, so I'll share a few with you.

1. The Cookie Muffin.
Back in elementary school, I discovered my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe from a kids cookbook. In high school, each year when our youth group went on retreats, I'd bake cookies to share with people on the bus. One year, one of my friends wanted to bake some too, so I gave her my recipe. As she took out her box of cookies, she said to me, "I don't know what happened, but they look like muffins." And indeed, the cookies that are normally flat and chewy, turned out stiff and muffin-like, but they tasted good. Nothing wrong with a chocolate chip muffin!

2. The Substitute Cookie.
As a going away present as I left for university, one of my friends baked me some oatmeal cookies. She warned me that they didn't turn out too well but that didn't stop me from trying them out. What did stop me was how incredibly hard they were. I couldn't even get my teeth into them, and when I finally did, they didn't taste quite right. The next time I was on the phone with her, I found out why. Apparently, she had substituted practically every ingredient with something different. We had a great laugh, then she told me to throw the cookies out (haha).

3. The Not-Bad-Made-Bad Cookie
These cookies came with a cup of Caramel Corretto (yum) which made them so much better. Jas made these cookies and instead of just using Smarties, added crumbled chocolate, which I thought was ingenious. However, when I brought the cookie closer to my face, it just didn't smell right. It didn't smell bad, it just smelled uncooked. Anyway, I figured I could just warm it up in the microwave for a bit, just to cook it a little. Sixty seconds later.. well, let's just say I took a relatively good cookie and burned it to cookie purgatory. We're lucky the fire alarm didn't go off. What was left of it was decent though.

I have received some good cookies (and cookie recipes) in my time. And on a totally unrelated note, I wrote my second last exam today and less than 15 minutes in, a blood vessel bursts in my nose and I get a nosebleed. I put my hand up and as I was waiting for the prof to see me, I catch a glimpse of Andrew giving me a "I'm onto you" look as if I was going to check the cheat sheet I had stashed in the bathroom just moments before the exam...


Jasy said...

*takes a bow* at least mine were "not bad" and apparently i am ingenious for crumbling chocolate in lol

ty ty

this is the first "not COMPLETELY failed baking project i have undertaken".

S2jay said...

your next post should be "hoover that cookie"

you can write about all those times that i made yummie cookies. (:
HAHA (: just kidding.

i'm sorry that you've had such traumatizing cookie experiences. I'll bake you cookies over christmas to make up for some.

Larissa said...

Fun post! The first time I baked cookies, I forgot the flour (yes, muy importante), and they ended up like crunchy pancakes.

jellobaby said...

substituting ingredients reminds me of the time i tried to make buttermilk pancakes without baking soda or baking powder.... :S it was really quite disastrous...

haha i looked up from my exam paper and was thinking about how we had thought of all those ways to get out of the exam :)

Andrew said...

what about the cookies i made when i put in tablespoons instead of teaspoons :)

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