Christmas-y Colours

December 16, 2007

Looking through all the design-y sites, it seems like red (especially nice dark reds) and white are the colours for this season. I really like dark reds, so I thought I might try it out with my gift wrap this year. Earlier this winter, I made a trip to Ikea to pick up some candles that were on sale for wedding decorations and saw some red wrapping paper so I picked it up. Their wrapping paper isn't the greatest (in fact, it sucks - it wrinkles really easily and where it wrinkles, it loses colour). But, after a lot of struggling (even after I put Nathan to bed), his gifts turned out a little like this:

I think it looks pretty good! Now, if only they had that Kitchenaid mixer in a deeper red. That'd be a nice red gift for this Christmas.

1 comment:

alana said...

I asked Matt for a red Kitchenaid mixer just the other day. He said no. Gotta work on that one.

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