Silver Balls

December 15, 2007

In this month's banner, my friend Jasy featured a picture of Christmas cookies decorated with silver balls. I thought this looked nice and festive so I decided to try this out myself. Unfortunately, I did not have any of these silver balls on hand so I headed out to my neighbourhood (literally) Sobey's but they didn't seem to have any on hand either. So I had to drive out to Dominion's to find them. I hoped beyond all hope that I would find them there and it would be worth my drive.

I found them and quickly glancing at the price and saw that they were $3.75/kg. I reasoned that it was probably because they were so light. As I was filling them, I realized that they weren't as light as I thought they would be but no matter, I had finally found the balls. I headed to the self-checkout section and quickly scanned my items. When the price came up for the balls I looked at the price breakdown and it said $37.50/kg. What the heck?! The image flashed in my mind, I was pretty sure that's not what it read.

In my confusion, I picked up my bag of groceries and started to turn away, but then I remembered I hadn't paid yet. So I stepped back to the screen and as I was pressing the buttons, the lady overseeing the self-check area must have sensed my shock because she told me "Yes, that's the right price. You got those silver balls right? I saw you staring at the price." I laughed hesitantly and signed my receipt. "Those silver balls better be made of real silver," I thought as I left.

These silver balls (aka silver dragées) may or may not be edible, apparently, depending on the type. Why people would put inedible things on their food (that is not blatantly inedible i.e., flowers) is beyond me. Talk about choking hazard.


Jasy said...



That's freaking crazy!!!

I cant' believe you still bought them!!

Andrew said...

wait so they were really $37.50/kg???? how many did you buy? lol.. and how come you changed the main picture at the top?

mJ said...

bee, great blog u have going here! :)

HAHAH after i saw jasy's banner i was sooooooo tempted to make those cookies toooo! LOL and i cant believe those silver balls cost sooo much...geeesh, i hope it was worth it! ;) wanna spare a couple of them so i can make my own cookies? ;) haha jks

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