The Beginning of The End

January 7, 2008

So was back to classes for me today. It was a pretty miserable back to school. Today was the first day of the last term (hopefully) to my undergraduate career at UW. The weather was bleak, the skies were grey and things this morning were otherwise pretty uneventful.

I was originally going to do a short post on my newly acquired camera case (because I lost my old one on the plane ride to HK) but when I went to take a picture of the little thing, I discovered (to my dismay) that my camera screen was broken. And to think, I had gotten so excited and attached to the new case because my camera fit just perfectly inside it.

Now, why was it broken, you might ask? Because Andrew stepped on it. So I have a tendency of keeping things on the ground. When I do things in my room, I tend to sit on the ground and thus, things get left on the ground. Andrew is quite aware of this but for some reason, he hasn't quite yet figured out that maybe when he's walking around my room, he should watch where he's stepping (something you should do anyway unless of course you enjoy stepping on things like piles of poo). Anyway, I had my camera case sitting on the ground and he stepped on it last night and blamed me (again) for leaving things on the ground.

I didn't turn on the camera until tonight and so I didn't discover this misfortune until now. You would think that after all this time, especially after last time's accident, he would have learned or something. But no. Who knows what he'll break next. *sigh* What a horrible back-to-school. Fortunately, I can still take pictures. I just can't see it on the screen.

If you had to head back to school today, I hope your day wasn't as unfortunate as mine.

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andrew said...

i'm sorry :(

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