Favourite Things Friday: Webcam Animals

January 18, 2008

I found these cute little webcam animals at redenvelope. You can choose to have a blue dog or a red dino stare at you while you webcam your friends and family. They come equipped with a built-in microphone and from the picture, it looks like they have move-able legs to help them perch atop your computer/desk. Unfortunately, these cute critters can only be used with PCs and are not compatible with Macs. Pity, they'd look great paired with those sleek machines.

In other news, I'm headed down to the States this weekend with my bridesmaids to start looking at dresses (mine and theirs) because I have finally decided that I'm cutting it way too close to put it off any longer. That and, oh.. well I recently heard of this outlet mall that I really want to check out. In any case... ROAD TRIP! Hope you all have a nice weekend. Play nice in the sandbox!

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