Failed Attempt

January 21, 2008

So this past weekend, I drove down to the states with my sister (aka. MOH) in an attempt to look at dresses and figure out what we want. We thought we might even be able to buy one this time but we knew we were dreaming big. Plus, minus my two bridesmaids, it would have been hard to make a decision without a third (and fourth) opinion.

My sister, who is never out of bed before lunchtime on a Saturday, woke up all ready to go at 5am. Half an hour later, we were out of the house and on the road. Fortunately, the roads were clear and we made it to the border in no time. However, the weather on the other side was miserable. It was snowing hard and freezing cold. We ended up at a McD's at 8:30am because we arrived much too early at our first stop.

After a quick breakfast we sauntered around the mall (and collected bag after bag of non-wedding-related merchandise) for a few hours and decided it was time to head off to the outlet mall. On our way there, we forgot to stop by David's Bridal which was our original intent and decided we'd go on the way home.

The outlet was a disappointment and with all our appendages burning from the cold, we called it a day and headed back to the car (it wasn't even 6pm). Unfortunately on the way home, Jeeves (aka our GPS) kept telling us to "turn around", which we ignored, and we ended up passing right by David's Bridal, heading straight for the Canadian border.

So basically, this past weekend was a big failure in the wedding dress department. Talking to another bride-to-be over the weekend and hearing that she already has her dress got me a little more anxious about getting one. I have a general idea of what I want - I just need to go out and try some on. My other dress dilemma is having a cheongsam (Chinese dress) that is sort of.. well.. culturally offensive, but that's another story for another day.

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S2jay said...

HAHA.. your cheurngsam is offensive in more ways than mentioned... if you know what i mean.. HAHA

*wink wink*

PS: i only sleep in on saturdays because its my only day i EVER get to sleep in.. but not for long ): i'll tell you about that another day..

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