Spare Change?

January 22, 2008

It takes a special kind of idiot to hastily decline a free ride home in a warm car from the mall. Instead of doing the smart thing tonight, I said "seeya later" and slammed the door. At that very moment, I remembered while 'packing' my purse that I had decided to leave my student card (aka. bus pass) at home because I wouldn't need it. I've started to 'pack light' lately which goes against all my natural be-prepared-for-anything instincts.

Saddened by the prospects of not having an easy way home, I lost all intentions of buying boots (for trekking in the freshly fallen snow) and cheap towels (to block this nasty draft coming from my window). To my dismay, the bank was also closed which ruined my plans of depositing some cheques to pay off my (I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it) credit card bill. All of this was compounded by the fact that I did not have my cell phone nor my keys with me. I was stuck.

So, I wandered around the mall trying to think of how I was going to get home. It was $2.50 for the bus ride. Easy enough... except for the fact that I (stupidly) refuse to carry around change and thus had none. After walking around the mall about a hundred times, I finally collected enough change to take the bus. Then came my next problem - which bus do I take?

To be safe, I hopped on the one that distinctly says "U of W" even though I had no clue where "Lakeshore" was. And because I'm soooo incredibly lucky, it just happened to be the one that takes you right to the outskirts of town before it brings you back to civilization. After almost not getting off at my stop in time, I walked home in the deep snow, empty handed and miserable.

I'm really hoping my year gets better from here on in because I'm not sure how much more of this unluckiness I can deal with. And I've learned to never, EVER go against my instincts again, no matter how reasonable my logic sounds. Idiot. Someone get me outta this town!


alana said...

Would you believe that I left my bus pass on the bus yesterday? And I didn't realise it until this morning while I was running late for my first class? I actually feel like my sole method of transportation was abruptly cut off and now I'm stranded. Somehow I need to make it to the bus station today to get it back!

I should have gone home with Matt when he was offering a free ride home in a warm car :(

Clara Tsui said...

Heeyy... lakeshore is my bus!

Jasy said...

why didn't you use your watcard instead of paying 2.50?? :P

(hoping i didn't miss reading the part where you said you forgot your watcard or something)

Jasy said...

omg please ignore my first comment.

how embaressing.

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