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January 24, 2008

It's that time again - you know, that point in time during your educational career when you become more self-conscious about your appearance, well, unless of course you go to Western haha.. (sorry Lan). It's grad photo time and technically, this shouldn't be such a big deal. I mean, I've had all those years of practice, of sitting in front of the camera while the cameraperson positions me into a very uncomfortable but supposedly strategic angle so my face will look somewhat decent in the picture. I've had all those years of trying to figure out what to wear and how to tame my hair so I don't come out looking like I got zapped by lightning. I've finally figured out (sort of) how to smile without making it look too awkward, and still I'm anxious.

I'm not sure why but I have a few theories. It's possible that I'm jittery because this time around, thought I've spent four three years with these people, I'll only really know maybe a handful of people in the composite which means the picture of my face will surrounded by pictures of (good looking) strangers. This photo is basically the only public piece of evidence the university will have of me even being there. My other theory is that this picture could potentially be my very last grad photo ever, which means it better look real good. Oh the pressure!

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sem said...

hahaha zapped by lightning! that's so funny! i rmb my grad pics in high school.. my first time wearing makeup was in grade 12 and boy i did a bad job coz i looked like a witch or something haha

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