I Want Them All

January 27, 2008

Earlier this month, I made a whole list of 'wedding goals' - things I'd like to get done for the wedding before the end of this month. I figured with less than 8 months left to go, a list would be a good way to get me motivated to accomplish more tasks and keep track of what I have left. One of the top things on my lists was to start looking for a wedding dress. According to the books and the wedding people, it's already getting pretty tight, waiting this long to look for a dress. So, I set out to achieve this goal.

The first time was an utter failure, but really, who gets it right the first time around anyway? The second time (yesterday) we went to Bridal & Beyond in Mississauga thinking it was this huge place with lots of dresses and wedding things. When we got there, we were really disappointed to find that the pickin's were slim. In fact, Andrew (who drove us there) was so disappointed to hear that we were leaving after five minutes that he insisted that someone try something on before we leave, even if it was him. Let the record show that no one, not even Andrew, tried on a dress yesterday night.

I did manage to make one final effort before heading back into Waterloo today and boy am I glad I did. This location has the option of either purchasing or renting (!) the gown. I flipped through the albums full of wedding dresses, casually glancing at the pictures but mostly flipping past them (because I'm so needlessly picky) but I finally chose two that I liked and asked to try those on. The wedding dress gods must be smiling down on me because like my cheong sam, the three (lady added another one she thought I might like) dresses I tried on all fit perfectly.

It felt really good to finally put a gown on - like I was finally making some headway in my wedding to-do list. The only problem now is finding the dress. I don't foresee myself bursting into tears or anything so I hope the entourage I plan on bringing with me next weekend will give me enough feedback to help me pick the right one. I'm hoping to order my dress next weekend (wishful thinking?) so if I have to, I will go back three days in a row to try on dresses until I find the perfect one.

(Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of me in any of the dresses but any dress-finding tips would be much appreciated!)


alana said...

I have absolutely no tips or advice for you in this department, so instead I will just wish you luck :)

Larissa said...

Wedding dress shopping is SO FUN!

Here's my personal tip: visit a few different kinds of stores to experience it all. I went to David's Bridal, department stores and a few boutiques. I actually found my perfect dress at Macy's.

Have lots of fun...you'll just know when you find the ONE.

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