February 27, 2008

I just attempted uploading pictures from my new camera for the second time. Clearly, the first time was a bit of a traumatic experience for me so this time, I was extra careful not to touch anything just in case it might cause a repeat of the first incident. I patiently waited for the pictures to load onto my computer and while I waited, I couldn't help but think about the pictures we lost that first time.

There were 217 pictures. Two Hundred. Seventeen. A few of them were from before the trip but needless to say, a majority of them were from our trip to Florida. Included among them were pictures of Nathan in a swimming pool for the first time and pictures documenting our day at Animal Kingdom. Like I said before, we were able to recover some of the pictures thanks to Disney Photopass.

However, while Nathan was sleeping, Andrew and I got a rare opportunity to take pictures on our own. We were trying to collect pictures to use in our scrapbook and one of my favourites was a picture of us wearing the Mickey and Minnie wedding ears. We tried looking at the Disney Store earlier this week in vain attempts to recapture the moment but alas, they did not have them. So it looks like Mickey and Minnie will not be making it into our book. Aw shucks.

1 comment:

andrew said...

well at least we have the picture of nathan in the mickey ears :)

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